High Fuel Bills During Construction? We Have a Stat for That!

Lara Dufault / November 2, 2017

iO Temp-Stat™ prevents construction workers from turning up the heat during work…and forgetting it when they leave.

iO Temp-Stat™ is a low cost, non-adjustable temporary construction thermostat that is preset to a given temperature. Connected across the “W” and “R” terminals, it wires just like any other heat-only thermostat. It is used with only 24-volt control circuits and can be run to any length with regular thermostat wire. Heat and moisture don’t interfere with the operation of our Temp Stat, but vibration may minimize its effectiveness so it is recommended that it is not mounted to any vibrating surface.

The expected life for iO Temp-Stat™ is the same as any other thermostat!
Also available for cooling. Comes with a one-year warranty.

For more information on the features and benefits of iO Temp-Stat™, watch our video.

To add this best-seller to your product offering, visit https://www.iohvaccontrols.com/products/temporary-construction-thermostats.html.

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