They Can’t Help It…Especially With That View!

Lara Dufault / November 9, 2017

Vacation or rental property tenants will always be tempted to leave the windows or doors open especially when they have a view—whether it’s to hear the crashing of waves or get a clear shot of the snow capped mountains. If they’re not paying for the utilities, they’re not even thinking about them!

But, it is costing home and building owners hundreds – maybe thousands – of dollars extra every month in wasted utilities. Did you know you CAN LOCK OUT THE HVAC EQUIPMENT WHEN DOORS OR WINDOWS ARE LEFT OPEN? It is possible…with our Wireless Lodge Watch.

Wireless Lodge Watch is a heating and cooling monitoring system designed to reduce wasted energy by as much as 40% in rental properties, vacation homes and hotels. This is achieved by the Wireless Lodge Watch’s ability to wirelessly turn off the HVAC equipment when doors or windows are left open. The opening of a door or window will trigger a transmitter to send out a signal to a control module. After two minutes, the control module will turn off the HVAC equipment. Heating or cooling operation is restored once the doors or windows are closed.

The obvious benefits of this is it saves lots of money on heating and cooling costs, but it also prevents compressor short cycling and extends the life of your system.

For more information on this great product to add to your wholesale distribution, visit Wireless Lodge Watch or call iO HVAC Controls at 888.359.0362.

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