THE Solution for Problematic System Wiring: iO-WR Wireless Relay Kit

Lara Dufault / November 21, 2017

A Wireless Relay Kit is a ‘must-have’ for every truck when an easy solution for missing or broken wires is needed. Wireless Relay Kits make this kind of repair easier because contractors don’t have to run wires, but can quickly install a transmitting relay instead. Our innovative iO-WR Wire Relay Kit fixes wiring problems, and it also helps reduce expenses and time spent on repairs and installations.

Designed for reliability and performance, the range of the iO-WR Wireless Relay Kit is approximately 100 feet.  The iO-WR Wireless Relay Kit contains 2 four-channel transceivers. The base module has 3 transmitting channels and 1 receiving channel and communicates to the satellite module, which has 3 receiving channels and 1 transmitting channel.

Additional Specifications:

Dimensions: 5 1/8” Height x 2 5/8” Width x 1 1/8” Depth (Base & Satellite)

Input Voltage: 24VAC

Channels: Base – 3 send, 1 receive; Satellite – 1 send, 3 receive

Contact Rating: 1A per channel

Addresses: Unlimited kits can be installed in the same building

Frequency: 915MHz proprietary protocol

Range: 100’ from satellite module depending on building type

Warranty: 1-year


Contractors will thank you for this quick, easy-to-install, high performance solution for system wiring issues. And, their customers will thank you for its cost-effectiveness!

Suppliers can call iO HVAC Controls today to place an order: 888.359.0362 or visit us at online to learn more about the Wireless Relay Kit.

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